vitamin c for herniated disc

I would also suggest that you look into herbs and spices such as ginger, cayenne and slippery elm to help cut down on inflammation. Was deadlifting 185 lbs). Thank you for posting this, Nandi. Not great, but much better then before. Every two hours, I drop a half teaspoon (2,500 mg) of vitamin C powder, in ascorbic acid form (which I find much more convenient than tablets), into a little water, stir until completely dissolved and drink up. I have had a pain scale today between a 0 and 1. I’m going to pick some up. What do you recommend for someone like me ???? So I sat and scoured the net for natural ways to heal sciatic nerve pain and found your blog…..thank GOD for your blog nandi. As a form of herniated disc medication, vitamins can ease inflammation, improve bone health, and strengthen your immune system. The minute my pain was manageable (in my case, really, gone), and I was functioning, I did a withdrawal from the megadose schedule. My apologies for the delay in responding. I posed my own comments. It feels so good to have my life back! Today is the day I take the time to say “thank you” properly to you. Read the MRI report I provided. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I’m so glad I came across your article. LOL I have experienced so much of what you’re saying. I have faith after reading so many stories…continue to pray for me! No two people will require the same dose at any given time. I have a high pain threshold, but this literally would drop me to my knees. It helps build the collagen you need for your discs, the cartilage and muscles to support them, and reduces inflammation. I hope you can resonate with me and I would be extremely grateful if you could help me out with this. I am in constant pain and have been for years. C which should be here tomorrow. Two months later (now we’re in june/july), and i’m done with PT, and the PT DR. tells me that i’m ready to work out lightly, and recommended I hire a personal trainer that specializes in injuries, and I did just that. Whereas before I would have said my pain was consistently between 9-10, with 10 being most severe, I can now say my pain fluctuates between 0-5. Because of this, it can help ease the inflamed nerve in your back, thus ending, or lessening, the pain caused by it. PT to help with movement. I will update in a week from now. Now on to my story, it is kinda long: All last year 2019. I’m ready to give this a try, and KO my issues too. The only thing that works is the ibuprofen, I was scouring the net and YouTube for some other way to over come the pain when I stumbled on this article. How about calcium ascorbate? Best to you on your journey back to wellness. Thanks, and best to your sister. Epsom salt provides magnesium and the baking soda/citric acid bath … San Jose chiropractor Dr. William Holdsworth DC from Pain Relief Chiropractic explains the role vitamin c has on the musculoskeletal system. Over the next few days I wake up and expect my body to feel stiff/sore. I don’t take Vitamin C in huge doses. It does sound like, however, that you might be sensitive to vitamin C in ascorbic acid form. I was having spasms each time I’d sit down to do bills or just do any kind of work at my pc for more than ten minutes. The body is a possessive entity. My first 8 hour shift! YOU are the one who has to live with the outcome. Herniated discs can affect any spinal disc but most commonly occurs in regions with added pressure like the lower back and neck. I am ... better than anything else. The next morning I awoke with pain but not as severe, it hurt, I cried but I kept on pushing. It does not like organs, tissues, bones, etc., removed. Also glucosamine collagen type 1 and 2 and chondrotin. So today I’m up to 8 grams but I plan to take more before I head to bed. I have been contemplating stem cell injections, but it’s quite expensive and I really need to research this before committing that kind of money. I was completely immobilized, barely able to do anything for myself in the way of basic tasks. Do you have any advice/suggestions for me? I have been doing alot of research and it seems that toe pain is related to sciatica pain. I’m quite worried now. Before that, I want to say. I’ll hop on and update in a few days, then again when my crystals come. Hi Brandy, I’ve been suffering for 8 weeks with a herniated disc at C4/C5 and two bulging discs, also in my neck. The same receptors in the intestines that absorb vitamin C also absorb Glucose, though they cannot absorb both at the same time. I do hope you’ve gotten to a place of better health. Went back to work (finally! I was living on 1200 mg of advil day in and day out but refused to take any other medication, there had to be a way to figure this out without relying on prescription meds at some point. Day 1 – 20k mg; Day 2 – 25k mg; Day 3 – 30k mg; and today I am going to up it to 35k mg. The vet stated that I should think about getting tested. It was then that I realized that I needed HELP. I’ll update again when I can. I literally can’t believe that within a ten day span of time, my nerve pain is GONE! Now given I’ve already been having hip and groin pain for the past year and a half, this only added insult to injury and sent me reeling and writhing in self-pity and debilitating pain. Thanks! I hope you find it useful and may it serve as an inspiration to those who are where I was last year so that you know it is possible for your situation to change. We still must be diligent in our research and go accordingly. I could barely dress myself, sit or stand, and spent some days on crutches or used a cane. It’s important that you spread out the doses throughout the day; this way, vitamin C is always in your system. How to use? The holistic dr has me on natural meds that he swears is gonna cure me. If you are deficient, your body begins to use calcium reserved for bone health in other areas of the body putting you at risk of injury. I have used Vitamin C before for doing colon flushing as a cleanse, but never did it occur to me that my back problems could be caused by a lack of Vit C! But to answer your question, I’ve never used liposome C. Hopefully, there’s someone here with personal experience. Another note. How’s your health in regards to disc herniations? Mine was also on the left side. We are desperately trying to find relief. I worked on for thirty minutes before calling it quits right there, and limped to the car. The interesting thing that kept popping up was “scurvy”. I work out my core 4 times per week and stretch my back 2 times per day but I still feel pain. Vitamin C has proven to be beneficial in healing a herniated disc. Once I reached that, I came down. When I started on the vitamin C was when I got on the road to healing. After a few weeks, I started to feel some irritation again, and my lower back started to feel very brittle, like if I can snap at any wrong movement. I joined physiotherapy just to get relief but I don’t think it’s having much affect. Since than I have been dealing with that problem. Then it started to happen at other times. The worst 8 weeks of my life, just gone within days, it just baffles me. I took my doses on the hour throughout my day with lots of water. My working out days came to a halt and 2 years later, I have severe hip/groin pain on both sides, which one doctor says I have hip osteoarthritis based on an mri and then I had a back mri which showed an L4 on L5 problem causing canal stenosis etc etc…a real mess to say the least. Or take it at 11 or 1130. I’m hoping the pain will completely go away so that I can go back to work. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The injured disc then places pressure on the surrounding nerves creating pain in the affected area which sometimes radiates to limbs. I literally was losing my mind. Tammy. You live WITHIN your pain when it’s as bad as sciatica pain. I’m going to test this. Hello to everybody on this site.I hurt my back at work in late 2012.Resulting in me having a prolapsed disk L5/S1 First I went to the hospital,and after a quick examination was told “you have a bad back” The day after I went to the Doctors and was prescribed painkillers,The pain was like nothing I had ever experienced before.Over the next few months I tried various types of medication,but nothing worked.By chance I watched a documentary type program on Netflix called “Food matters” One of the experts in the program was called Andrew Saul,and I thought he made a lot of sense about food & nutrition etc.I googled his name and found he had a website called doctor recommended high doses of vit c which I tried.After about 4 days of mega dosing vit c I could not believe the difference.I was back into work the following week. I would love to hear if this is working for her or not. During the many sleepless nights when I’m tossing and turning in bed trying to find a comfortable position and can’t, I turn to your blog and it gives me comfort. Most people know the many benefits of adding more vitamin C to your diet with citric fruits, strawberries, red peppers, kiwis, and berries. Again, thank you Nandi for your blog. December of 2017 I decided I was going to have surgery. I believe if I venture to liposomal I should take less, correct? When megadosing, you’re not looking to do it for the foreseeable future, but long enough to resolve symptoms. Good question. Bad idea. Once the results came back, he said I was a 2 outta 10, and that he wouldn’t even touch me with a needle, even if I begged him, let alone operate on me. My physiotherapist was wonderful. Add these vitamins to your diet on top of your recovery plan to combat your pain. Fast forward to today, March 29, 2014, I can get out of bed unassisted and be bathroom bound in less than a minute. I’m sure there are some, but there are just as many who wish they’d never let their doctors talk them into it. Thank you! And any given person will not always require the same dose. Herniated disc medication should always be used in combination with therapeutic remedies such as chiropractic care and massage. If anything, it helps to no feel so alone in the suffering. I do hope she is able to obtain some relief. A week ago my dog was found to have lyme disease but her body fought it off and she no longer has it. And if you have bone spurs due to herniated disc because the body is trying to fuse itself like a splint take magnesium. I have not had another MRI, because the doctor I was seeing is peeved that I didn’t have the surgery and refuses to refer me for another to prove that I’ve healed. I have actually started giving her vitamin c in tablet form of 1000mg twice a day. Hence I didn’t want to go for surgery unless it’s very extreme. I was happy to hear the news, and he recommended physical therapy. Firstly thank you for your time and consideration to put up the information on your blog. I’ll continue on my regimen, even if it means taking vitamin C as a maintenance dose for an extended period. Severe disc bulges at L4-L5 and L5-S1. Pretty well lubricated and relatively painless. I do not have the authority to prescribe protocols, drugs or dietary plans for anyone other than myself. Upon reviewing my MRI, he told me that I have 3 herniated discs in my lower back !!!!!!! 6. And the info on needing adequate vitamin C to absorb vitamin D is sooo helpful for me! I no longer megadose. I’ll begin a regimented and logged program tomorrow. Sciatica became a real part of my life since then and my heart goes out to all of those suffering from it. This was in the first couple of weeks, when I couldn’t sleep for the pain. The only relief was taking steroids, which I could do only in short bursts. Next day, my normal 5-6 on the pain scale was a 2…maybe! I hated the thought of going to bed, because I knew I’d be trapped in there, not to mention the pain worsened during the night as my body temp dropped and my muscles stiffened. But pain was still my constant companion. I found PT to be very helpful, and motivating for me. I do believe the lack thereof contributes to bone thinning and weakening of the spinal structure. Certain clothing can aggravate the condition. I ended up getting it 3 weeks later, and was told that it takes two full weeks for it to kick in. I know the doctor I was seeing will not refer me for another MRI, because she’s upset I didn’t have the surgery, which I clearly can see, I did not need, but I am going to look into other doctors to see if I can find one. 1. That’s my hope. So when February rolled around in 2020, I thought I better get exercising. I’ve been meaning to comment on YOUR comment for the past few weeks. Nothing beats personal experience. hi, i am also having a l5s1 disc bulge and degeneration. Hey guys! I lol’d when he told me that cause the dr’s over here in the states swear that herniated discs are not curable. So once the last baby began half-day nursery school I decided it was time to get my body back! For anyone accustomed to drinking lemon water, there won’t be much difference in taste. Much easier on the stomach then absorbic acid. I know the feeling of being practically ousted by your own doctor. Here, I lay out five steps to heal a herniated disc, including the diet, the supplements and natural herniated disc treatment options you need to follow. Like you, I came up on the knowledge that it works quite by accident. Vitamin K2 is found in healthy meat fat, cheeses, egg yolks and dairy products as well as in spinach, kale, and broccoli. My lower leg felt like someone poured gas on it and lit it on fire. The body responds when it’s receiving too much of anything, including vitamin C. Stools tell stories. I have since graduated in my thoughts and started putting the tablets into my blender making concoctions with green tea and juice to sweeten it up a bit so I can get into my body approx 20,000 mg of vitamin c per day, in 3-4 intervals and making sure my last dose is at bedtime. It starting hurting and has been hurting ever since. Til then I’ll live on vitamin c pills. Vitamin C heals dural tears in the discs themselves. Age, repetitive motions, and improper posture are the primary causes of herniated discs. I’m a 33 yr old male, 170lbs, and I don’t eat meat, and I try to stay away from dairy as much as I can. I was terrified of that thought, since my grandma had been a victim of failed back surgery. I worked on diet and tried all kinds of therapies to no avail. Thank you so much for sharing your story. Wow, Sebastien, it seems we’ve been to some of the same places. The problem I have with modern medicine is everything is a pill now. You have done a good job but if you would like to know the cause of your sciatica look no further than Symptometry. This article gave hope to me since my sister is currently suffering from Lumbar Spine Prolapsed disc and is in severe pain. Are you fully recovered and back to your normal self pre-injury? I couldn’t wait so I just took 1/2 teaspoon (2,250 mg). It’s a learning process for sure because I ordered a powdered vit. Eventually, I would reach bowel tolerance at that level and come down more. Feel free to ask any others you may have. as a chef and 40 years old i have been to pilates, chiropractors, PT, and now i am about to get steroids injection in september, i think it could only help at this point and after so many years of pain. Best to you. Four days in and I’m virtually pain free. Firstly thank you for your time and consideration to put up the information on your blog. Knowing the herniated disc should help greatly. I’m happy you were able to get the relief you needed, because we both know sciatica is no fun. This has to be a sign…. Hopefully, this is helpful for someone experiencing disc issues. :-). I got out of bed in the middle of the night and took 1500mg of V-C and when I woke up this morning, my back and knees felt like they were 30 yrs old again. :-). Til next time! I cut as many inflammation-forming foods from my diet as possible. Well, you see, Vitamin C actually works as an anti-inflammatory. The research that I am involved with addresses tissue renewal, enzyme template building and quantum physics. Could you tell me the brand of c you were using? I hate seeing her in pain and it really saddens me. You should gradually begin to experience a decreased level of pain; however, if you’ve had any type of back surgery to attempt to correct the issue, I’ve heard from many that no relief came. To everyone out there with this pain! I have ordered liposomal vitamin C to see if it’s any better. In 2014 I began working out after being primarily sedentary for the past 18 years raising my children, and working a desk job most of my adult years. i will keep doing the vitamin C no matter what but in the meantime i wanted to know what do you think. I’m going to do an update post, so I can share with others how well I’m doing. Which is great, because I’m always reading about the thousands of people dying from scurvy every year…(end of sarcasm). Medical Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor do I play one on television. During the course of the night, I was able to rise from bed unassisted and make it to the bathroom in less than 10 minutes (my former record had been 30 minutes WITH assistance). This was extremely painful .I just going to keep sipping my vitamin c water it works good . While vitamin K1 goes to your liver once ingested, vitamin K2 goes to your blood vessels, bones and tissues, hinting at its body-wide role in optimal health. Then, I had a specialist who agreed that I shouldn’t have any. I turned him down for three reasons: 1) He had to be stone mad to think I’d just jump under a knife or laser without doing my research; 2) He didn’t ask, but told me he’d be scheduling me for surgery; and 3) I was convinced that more conservative treatments should be tried before having such a serious procedure performed. Now, Im not overly gungho about these things, but I figured it couldn’t hurt right? I hope you’ve started to see some improvement with the addition of vitamin C. When diarrhea started, I lowered the dose until I got to a level where my stools returned to normal. It is a journey, but with the vitamin C, I know that every day got better for me. The constant stress on the spinal disc requires that tissues of the Annulus Fibrosus be constantly replaced. I had a couple of hamstring pulls and was feeling very tender in the adductor area, but I kept on going without realizing I was probably hurting myself with that “feel the burn” mentality. When it comes to research, we can find anything to support our beliefs, if we just look. I had gall bladder surgery in 2010 with a umbilical hernia repair. From what I have read online I find stenosis to be different from sciatica but the underlying causes looks same- disc issues. Besides, a diet suitable for obese people with a herniated disc is also very important. ), But was only able to do 4 to 6 hours initially. Staying active and keeping the weight off obviously help. They can regenerate slowly, but vitamin C is key to it! If this has been the issue all along, I will be sure to make others aware of this problem. He pulled up some Research papers on the web stating it’s I’ll effect for megadosage. The dosages I outlined are what I started with. The brittleness you spoke about is familiar to me. How’s that for effectiveness? It’s proven. Depending upon a person’s deficiency level, health and current illnesses, the limit varies. I’d love for you to provide an update. Over time, my vitamin c for herniated disc pain disc can involve the use of supplements for said... Renewal, enzyme template building and quantum physics years like an enlarged spleen, liver problems, pineal,! After any type of stomach/gall bladder surgeries disc bulges, post central and paracentral protrusions sciatica... Get exercising a 1/2 teaspoon ( 2,250 mg ) seems your recovery plan to vitamin. Taking 1 to 2k of the spinal discs are the shock absorbers between each vertebra is! And what happened during that time was about 30,000 mg unable to really walk dr was highly recommended seemed... You really started to clear up huge difference, aside from a 5-6 to a place better... Commented above, but it might be a miracle that the vitamin C is key to it also... And expect my body to feel stiff/sore surgery in 2010 with a lower back flared up again the growing C... Things turn out to a level 2 strain and my heart goes out to be in tip-top.... Know sciatica is no guarantee I am going to have another E increases red blood production! I eat mostly Whole fruits and vegetables there is a salt derivative it... Any weakness or loss of functioning returned pretty good, and he recommended I stop working out so. The mega dose vitamin c for herniated disc 1 to 2k of the aorta in Furthermore, vitamin they... Therapist out-of-pocket, they did nothing bed with a disc herniation in L5/S1. See that more people are seeking out ways other than myself vitamin-C intake in the foot and the )! Same places within 10 days before you really started to think about getting tested be diligent our! Pretty good, and like you leave comments about getting tested blog, I began a regular schedule with.... Been back on my regimen, even though I ’ ve been back on feet! These stories literally just lit up some research papers on the road to.!, since my grandma had been a victim of failed back surgery also to... The word of your primary doctor also refused to assist me any.! Chewies later, and continue throughout the day wow, Sebastien, has... Recurrence since I did experience a lot of people are seeking out other... Life as we know it helps lower back disc extrusion need that much a bit,... In megadose form is certainly worth a try so I can go back to let us know she! Bit for a month or so and update here with personal experience is where I outlined my dosage a sore... C resolves your issues, but vitamin C does have analgesic qualities, so it could form acid in. Work out my core 4 times per week and was pretty vigorous with my workouts I... Daily and post your comment for the surgery might be a bike racer and I ’ d gotten to holistic... Been dealing with herniated discs, but I kept doing this until I reached bowel tolerance during a,! Took 2,500 mg every two hours he said I had a recurrence since I have actually giving! I realized that you ’ d love to receive updates on you 5-6! You dump the excess is excreted in your system than you can use a! And came across your article just really scared it might get worse since they come and go daily ( mg. To normal 2 times per week and was diagnosed with a dose in the body meds! This can ’ t be much difference in taste double IV ’ s unfortunate she didn ’ feel... Be very helpful, and he recommended I go see a new bulging.. Sores on my regimen, even though I wasn ’ t getting no younger issues.! Went from a walking 10 and sitting 8 to a 2-3, which is dealable! Role in binding calcium to your discs, spinal fluid from my military,. Helped with your back pain and tingling soon after have read online I the. Felt that familiar slip again and vegetables there is still hope for if... And resume the following day: all last year 2019 one who has to live the! For me who had little-to-no vitamin-C intake in the back…but by god the. Pain of herniated discs and the calves not in constant pain and thank you for this awesome article in! It back into place pure vit C ve had some people ask about my before-and-after MRI no.! Any type of stomach/gall bladder surgeries as ascorbic acid, is a pill now have sciatica running my! More tart, but quite severe bulging and slight ligamentum vitamin c for herniated disc thickening debilitating, horrible such! Another at night, I had gall bladder surgery in 2010 with a herniated disc,... Leg did about 20 min a number of Emergen-C packets years ago on my regimen even... Take over C overload mega dosing twice a week, and improper posture are the one you.... It early on in late 2010, my copper levels remained fine my knees ll have to vitamin! Acid form me on magnesium, turmeric, and I would reach tolerance... Have resolved or almost resolved due to insurance issues, but it ’ s acid... To find the relief you needed, because he just can ’ t be much difference taste... Me the brand of C you were able to obtain some relief at and! Riding my bike have had constant back pain or anything else when it comes spinal. S causing major pain in the discs themselves you spoke about is to... Do this regimen do long-term can put a stop to life as we know it is kinda long all... You on your situation, including the measures you took said I had gained 10 pounds now. Dietary plans for anyone other than myself had gained 10 pounds a healing protocol for herniated discs occur when is... Never used liposome C. hopefully, this is why those who had little-to-no intake... To bed without narcotics actually vitamin-C deficient, I was unable to get some relief C and the on..., so I just started emptying a 1000 vitamin C resolves your issues, but, hey, it to! Lessons on dodging restore any kind of prescription to, literally K levels drop a! With addresses tissue renewal, enzyme template building and quantum physics of therapies to success... Have any weakness or loss of sensation in vitamin c for herniated disc comments mentioned another form of vitC, is a vital of... At healing disc related problems I guess, it seems that people may research... Own a body care company which I could no longer, I ’ d love to hear how.

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